Boston Hair Salon Provides Coronavirus-Free Salon Experience With FDA Approval Pending Technology

Don’t get your haircut in Boston until you read this! Jesamondo Salon & Spa is one of the ONLY businesses in the entire Boston area that can keep you safe with a coronavirus-free environment, and the only Boston-area hair salon & spa that has invested tens of thousands of dollars into an FDA patent-pending air infiltration system that clears the air in their salon of any traces of the deadly coronavirus. Getting your haircut and going to the spa does not have to include risking your health any longer! This technology is the same air filtration system that the Boston Celtics stadium installed for the upcoming season, and the massive investment that salon & spa owner Matt Traiger has made to keep his clients safe is something that no other salon & spa can offer. “FDA approval of this air infiltration system is being fast-tracked to as soon as August/September and we were the first business in all of Boston...Read More >