Body Treatments

Give back to your body by indulging your skin, muscles, and spirit with treatments that purify, revitalize, and leave you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

Restore balance and support your overall wellbeing with body treatments crafted with purification and revitalization in mind. As you relax and let your mind drift, your treatment is working hard to eliminate toxins, smooth your skin, and infuse you with radiance-boosting hydration.

Organic Body Treatment

Wrap your body up in an organic blend of hand-picked herbs and plants mixed with pure, mineral-laced waters from a thermal hot spring. Experience a mixture found nowhere else on Earth, something Eminence-brand products are proud to provide. Organic, free from harmful additives like parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, and sodium lauryl, this body treatment is all results and absolutely zero regret.


Back Facial

60 minutes – $120+

With all the focus on your back, shoulders, and upper arms, enjoy a deep cleansing masque, massage, and a hydrating finish. This facial offers both relaxation and rejuvenation for the areas we can’t reach but love to show off.


Aromatherapy Salt Glow Body Scrub

60 minutes – $100+

Scented salts are the key to exfoliating rough areas and stimulating circulation, boosting your skin’s rosy glow in the process.


Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

90 minutes – $180+

Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created seaweed. We use the hydrating, mineral-rich plants to rehydrate and infuse skin with nutrients; combined with a body massage and stress-relieving oils, this wrap is all about relaxing, body-boosting benefits.


Hydrating Mud Wrap

90 minutes – $180+

First we exfoliate, then we apply a mineral-rich mud that encases your skin in a cocoon of blissful nourishment. After a soothing shower, you’ll be massaged with a blend of nutritive oils for the ultimate in detoxifying and moisturizing magic.