Knotless Braids

Cutting-edge techniques turn into jaw-dropping transformations thanks to the masterful work of our expertly trained hair designers.

Knotless braids have been a longstanding staple that embodies the strength, versatility, and beauty of natural hair.

Jesamondo Salon & Spa is your source for bringing these luxurious styles to life, inspired by the latest trends and celebrity looks. Whether you’re seeking classic braided styles such as tree braids, bob braids, crochet braids, box braids, goddess braids, marley braids, cornrows, knotless, and more; or selecting more protective styles like sengalese and kinky twists; your stylist will work with you create a unique experience that will bring your vision to life.

With so many options, our stylists will be happy to provide a consultation to help you discover the best braids for your hair type and scalp, and education on braid and scalp maintenance tips to preserve the look.

Adding beautiful braids is a great way to manage curly hair and provides protective styling. It’s especially useful during the summer season and traveling, reducing the need for toting multiple hair products on your journey, as they’re effortless!

Providing exceptional customer service has always been one of the hallmarks of Jesamondo Salon & Spa. As the newest hair service added to our salon roster, we invite you to try one of our braiding styles with one of our master stylists.

Price based on consultation with your stylist


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