Laser Hair Removal

Invest in the long-lasting results that go hand in hand with professional hair removal

Laser hair removal is half science, half art. That’s why we employee experts who use a variety of waxing techniques to best customize each experience to reflect the customer’s skin and personal preference. Our experts stock both hard and strip wax, so there’s the proper tool for the area and skin type at hand. Defuzz common areas like the lip, chin, underarms, eyebrows, arms, and legs, or aim for a completely hairless look and schedule a wax for your neck, feet, abdomen, and back as well.

For smooth, fuzz-free contours, invest in the long-lasting results that go hand in hand with professional hair removal. It only takes a portion of your lunch break and a quick flick of our technician’s wrist. Make your waxing appointment today and experience firsthand how wonderful a freshly waxed physique can look and feel.

IPL Laser Hair Removal

We are excited to announce the addition of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser skin services to our Spa. Using light-based technology, this treatment is a non-invasive way to correct many common skin concerns, with limited discomfort and no downtime. Laser procedures are currently the most successful non-surgical method of treatment for brown spots, uneven skin tone, unwanted vessels, rosacea and other damage caused by the sun.

Have unwanted hair? We have a laser treatment for that too. Using IPL energy, we can target and remove hair follicles in selected areas without causing damage to surrounding skin. This hair removal technique will not only save you time, but will also make your skin feel more silky and smooth than other methods.

  • Upper Lip $75
  • Chin $75
  • Underarms $100
  • Upper Legs $300
  • Lower Legs $250
  • Full Legs $375+
  • Lower Arms $150
  • Upper Arms $175
  • Full Arms $275
  • Shoulders $150+
  • Buttocks $300
  • Abdomen $175
  • Hands / Feet $100
  • Full Face $225+
  • Sideburns $75
  • Throat $75
  • Neckline $75
  • Upper Chest $250
  • Upper Back $250+
  • Lower Back $250+
  • Full Back $400+
  • Full Chest $400+
  • Bikini $175+
  • Brazilian $300

Buy 6, Get the 7th Free!

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