From adding permanent waves to hair straightening, Jesamondo’s expert stylists have the experience and the technology to revive and rejuvenate your hair to either extreme.

Hair Straightening

Permanent Waves

Forget crunchy spirals and finicky sponge rollers. Our permanent waves use AHA fruit acids for beautiful, naturally defined curls worthy of a slow-motion close-up.

Hair Smoothing

Frizz is frightening and nobody wants to spend the summer hiding from humidity. Bid adieu to unmanageable curls and realign your layers with a hair straightening treatment that strengthens, hydrates, and conditions so you continue to shine, regardless of the weather forecast.
Price based on consultation with your stylist

Keratin Treatments

Once upon a time, unruly hair cast a sad spell over the land. Today, we can turn hair gloom into newfound glam with keratin treatments that encase each hair shaft in a protective layer of protein. That blanket of “miracle” magic (those are clients’ words, not ours!) leaves your hair stronger, smoother, healthier, and shinier with no frizz in sight. And your hair lived happily ever after.
Explore all three of Jesamondo Salon & Spa’s keratin treatments and ask your stylist which approach is right for you.
Keratin Complex by Coppola – $355+
Mini-Keratin Complex – $160+
Brazilian Blowout Treatment – $360+

Hair Repair Treatments

Treat your hair with one of our three specialty hair repair treatments. These treatments repair and rebuild dry, damaged and over processed hair, leaving you with lush locks. Hair repair treatments can be done during your color service or after.
Olaplex – $35+
BondPro – $35+
B3 – $35+

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Quench tired strands of thirsty hair with a deep conditioning treatment that delivers much-needed protein and moisture. As your hair structure repairs, you’ll see improvement in texture, shine, and manageability for the ultimate healthy glow.

Demineralizing Treatments

Ordinary tap water is full of calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, and sodium, all of which can build up in your hair wash after wash. As those minerals accumulate, they change everything from your hair’s color to its texture. When hard water leaves your mane looking lackluster, brittle, and weighted down, our demineralizing treatment bursts in to restore shine and health, leaving nothing but beauty behind.


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Who We Are

Jesamondo Salon & Spa has received national and regional acclaim as a premier salon and day spa in Boston’s metro west region. Our cutting edge facility and commitment to providing unparalleled service results in extraordinary experiences every time.