facials-natickFor centuries, people have achieved skin rejuvenation, a more youthful appearance, and better overall well-being with facials. Natick residents can now schedule facials and other spa services right in the local area at Jesamondo Salon & Spa. Our spa has qualified and experienced therapists, aestheticians, and other professionals to bring you the latest and greatest treatments the world has to offer. Achieve inner peace and outer beauty with a long list of different facials. See the facials we have to offer. We know we have the ideal facial for your unique needs.

10 Amazing Benefits of Facials in Natick

A “facial” is a type of skin care treatment specifically for the face. Facials in Natick may use special concoctions and creams for the face, in conjunction with exfoliation, steam, extraction, peels, and massage for optimal results. Facials leave the skin on the face totally cleansed and nourished, with tailored services for your specific skin problems. The right facial can clear acne, reduce wrinkles, even the skin tone, and boost your appearance. Here are 10 proven benefits of adding professional facials to everyday skin care routines:

  • Stress relief. Take time away from your busy life to enjoy a facial at Jesamondo Salon & Spa. Facials can decrease stress levels, potentially lessening stress-induced breakouts and healing skin that has deteriorated due to stress. The right skin treatment can reduce anxiety, reverse negative moods, and leave you feeling totally refreshed.
  • Skin exfoliation. The many physical benefits of facials in Natick start with basic exfoliation. The skin holds onto impurities like dirt, grease, and oil, which can contribute to acne, discoloration, dry skin, and more. A good facial exfoliates the skin to encourage cell renewal and cleanliness.
  • Increased blood circulation. Facial massages increase microcirculation, helping blood flow in your face and bringing new nutrients to the skin cells. The right facial can give you an immediate glow from advanced massage techniques. Facial massages help you look more youthful, healthy, and vigorous. Browse our other massage therapies.
  • Acne scarring reduction. That’s right – facials in Natick can actually reduce the appearance of acne scars using dermasound, microdermabrasion and peels. Facials suitable for your skin can help you absorb skin care products properly, clear out your pores to prevent further breakouts, and use acid peels to reduce scarring.
  • Anti-aging. Scheduling regular facials in Natick at Jesamondo Salon & Spa can protect from external damage like free radicals, which can ultimately reduce skin inflammation and elements that contribute to an older appearance. Getting a facial at least once per month is a great way to maintain a youthful look.
  • Detoxification. Every day, you encounter harsh environmental elements and substances that the skin on your face can absorb. From parabens in your foundation to toxins you absorb at work, you can show your exposure in your face. Facials in Natick are excellent for detoxification, where you can expel unwanted materials through steaming, light massage, and other treatments. Choose our organic facial for total chemical detox!
  • Hydration. Skin looking dry, parched, and wrinkled? You may benefit from the exceptional hydration capabilities of a facial. Nutrient-rich ingredients in our creams pump dehydrated skin full of nourishment for a plump, moisturized look. A great finishing masque could be just the thing for dry facial skin.
  • Skin tone evening. Facials can strip the skin of dead cells and other imperfections that contribute to brown spots or uneven skin tones. You may find you need less concealer after a few facials at Jesamondo Salon & Spa, thanks to chemical peels and other treatments to correct coloring and repair damage.
  • Soothing sensitive skin. If the skin on your face is particularly sensitive, with conditions such as rosacea or dermatitis, a soothing facial with a masque can heal your epidermal barrier and replenish damaged skin. Ask about our Eminence Organic Facial with healing properties, or the Calming Facial for acne and rosacea.
  • Eye care. Your eyes are windows into your soul. Make sure they’re giving the right impression with regular facials. Facials in Natick can repair under-eye circles, darkness, puffiness, and crow’s feet around the eyes. Repairing the skin around the eyes can give you a healthier, younger, and more energized appearance.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good facial. If you want to unclog and shrink pores, refresh the skin on your face, and achieve a glowing daily look, schedule a facial at Jesamondo Salon & Spa. We can tailor your treatment for your exact goals, using special blends of fresh ingredients and spa treatments. Our expert estheticians will analyze your skin, select the perfect treatment for your needs, and design a skin care routine for you to complete at home using the Eminence Organic skin care line to compliment your facial. Our team can make healthy, glowing skin possible for you.

Book Customized Facials in Natick Now

The long list of facials we offer at Jesamondo Salon & Spa is sure to have something for everyone. Book a relaxing Sweet Milk and Lavender Bud facial for your mom or a busy professional in your life. Try professional dermaplaning for an hour-long facial for women who are nursing or pregnant, and can’t use peeling agents. Pick the Jesamondo Exclusive Facial for ultimate rejuvenation plus a mini back massage for all skin types. We offer more customizable facials at our salon and spa than anyone else in the region, with prices that fit any budget. Choose from the $26 Renewal Eye and Lip Treatment to the $155 75-minute Eminence Organic Facial!

At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our facials and other spa services, over the phone or in person at our local salon. We are one of the best spas for facials in Natick and its surrounding areas. Don’t take our word for it – experience our premium service for yourself! We know one of our professional-grade facials will leave you feeling totally refreshed and revived for the week ahead. Book a spa appointment online or call (508) 907-7171 to talk to a friendly staff member about facials. Natick residents are lucky to have such an outstanding spa destination right in their local community.

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Spa Testimonials

I got a great wax from Jaci!  She and everyone else there are quite professional and I appreciate that I did not have to wait.  They seemed very organized. I would definitely recommend this spa!

Lucie B.

I had the best mani/pedi ever by Donna at Jesamondo last week during their SalonAThon event to raise money for The Natick Service Council/Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Donna was  great! My foot & leg massage was SO relaxing that I nearly fell asleep. My nails looks amazing as well! Thank you Donna! I’ll be back for sure!

Sheila R.

Love this place! I’ve been going to Danielle for facials and waxing for years and I love how my skin looks and she does an amazing job with my eyebrows. I also see Nubia and Heather for my massages and they are amazing!  They were able to fix my sciatica which changed the quality of my life and I will forever be grateful to them for their amazing work and my renewed energy.

Rachel J.

Service was TOP NOTCH! Beautiful manicure by Donna. Gel lasted 2 weeks! I’ve gone to two other nail salons in Natick and my nails chipped within a week and were more expensive. I could have waited one more week to get filled if I wanted to, but since I was there waiting for my hair to process, they were able to fit my nails in too.  Scheduling was easy on-line again for pedicure next week to fit into my schedule.

Dawn M.

I had a marconics session with Nubia that was amazing! I had never even heard of Marconics until a friend suggested that I give it a try. Nubia gave me so much amazing insight. The salon is beautiful and the owner, Matt, is so friendly and helpful. It is evident that he really cares about both his clients and his staff. It’s wonderful to see an owner who is so appreciative of his clients. Keep up the good work, Matt and Jesamondo staff!

Meggety W.

I have been going to Danielle for waxing for 13 years!! She is amazing and I will never go to anyone else. The spa is so clean and so relaxing!

Kerri F.

Heather E. is an amazing massage therapist! One of my co-workers suggested I go to Jesamondo to hopefully get some help with the sore/tight muscles in my back. The first time I saw Heather, I felt fantastic. She paid attention my needs and suggested ways to help with my back pain. I decided to go back to see her a few weeks later and I now feel even better than I did the first time. I will definitely come back to see Heather E. again and again!!

Emily S.

I have been going to Danielle for waxing for 13 years!! She is amazing and I will never go to anyone else. The spa is so clean and so relaxing!

Kerri F.
Natick, MA