No Touch Healing

Recalibrate your mind, body, and spirit through energy healing

When energy imbalances leave you feeling drained and otherwise out of kilter, Jesamondo Salon and Spa is here to help you heal. Our certified practitioners coax out your stressors, reconstruct your energy pathways, restore your chakras’ shape, and usher you into total relaxation as your body’s energy begins to flow naturally.


30 minutes – $65
60 minutes – $110

Reiki is a technique also known as the “laying on of hands,” but it literally translates from Japanese as “spiritually guided life force energy.” Treatments center around the transfer of energy to help the subject heal their entire self — emotions, body, mind, and spirit. Many people who undergo Reiki report feeling relaxed and more peaceful than ever. Others also say that Reiki exponentially improved results of more traditional medical therapies to speed recovery and improve overall quality of life. Above all, Reiki encourages participants to embrace harmony and spiritual balance.

Reiki sessions typically run 30-60 minutes, during which time you’ll be comfortably situated, fully-clothed, on a massage table. Reiki may involve light, gentle pressure or no touching at all.


Marconic No Touch Protocol

60 minutes – $110

Using the Marconic “No-Touch” protocol, Certified Marconic practitioners use healing energy to alleviate physical and emotional discomfort and help restore your body’s energy flow to its ideal state. The no-touch protocol can spark powerful spontaneous healing and prepare your body for higher accension energy.


Marconic Integrated Chakra Unification

90 minutes – $155

Releasing blockages and clearing out karmic debris leaves you ready to reconnect to the universe and embrace a fuller, more positive future as part of the cosmic whole. When chakras are “uncapped” they are restored to their original spherical state, releasing negative imprints from past lives, and more.


Marconic Quantum Recalibration

2 day recalibration – $333

Marconics aims to increase your vibrational frequency, an improvement that may be your ticket to discovering your life’s purpose, reclaiming your hidden skills, accelerating your personal evolution, and releasing energy blockages from your life. Quantum recalibration will plug you back into the Universal Matrix and expand your awareness of dimensional realities.