massage-natickDestress with a relaxing massage. Natick residents know just where to go when daily life gets overwhelming. Jesamondo Salon & Spa offers luxury spa treatments including six different types of massage therapy. Listen to soothing music in our state-of-the-art massage rooms as one of our massage therapists relieves tension, works out knots, and leaves you feeling loose and relaxed. Schedule a weekly massage as part of a healthy self-care routine or treat yourself to an extra-long massage on special occasions. Our therapists are also trained to use no-touch healing such as reiki with their massages. Get started today to eliminate tension and soothe sore muscles.

3 Reasons to Get a Massage Natick

A massage in Natick is a great way to leave the cares of the world behind. As soon as you step into our spa, you will understand why more locals come to Jesamondo Salon & Spa than any other spa in the area. Since 1980, we have built a reputation for high-quality salon services in Natick and the surrounding areas. We care about our clients, value continuing education, and implement the latest industry practices to provide an incredible salon and spa experience every day.

If you are searching for a reason to schedule a massage with our professional massage therapists, consider the following:

  1. Massages feel good. Take a vacation for an hour or longer. The experience of a massage is comforting, relaxing, and refreshing. Feel each muscle as it releases under the pressure of the skilled touch of a therapist. A massage in Natick is the perfect way to pamper yourself after a long day or a rough week.
  2. They support healing. Muscle manipulation is healing for both the mind and body. It can help individuals overcome a sports injury, reduce insomnia, reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia, relieve anxiety, and promote healing for any number of additional conditions. While few insurers pay for trips to the masseuse, massage therapy is clinically beneficial for health and well-being.
  3. They can help you reach fitness goals. If you need to increase your flexibility and range of motion, both stretching and massages can help. When your muscles are loose and limber, you can naturally move more without causing pain or tearing muscles and ligaments. Consider a massage in Natick as part of a pre-game or pre-performance ritual to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Consider a massage as a way to practice self-care and support your body. Whether you are going through physical ailments or just experiencing some stress, the right massage in Natick can help you recover.

Types of Massage Natick

At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, we offer several types of massage therapy to meet client needs. If you are interested in booking a massage in Natick, consider our:

1. Swedish massage. Available in 60- and 90-minute sessions, the ever-popular Swedish massage uses a number of different massage strokes and pressures to promote relaxation and relieve muscle tension throughout the body.

2. Deep tissue massage Also available in 60- and 90-minute sessions, our deep tissue massage focuses more on providing additional pressure to certain muscle groups that need work. Eliminate tension knots and enjoy reduced soreness and pressure with this more intense form of the Swedish massage.

3. Hot stone massage. If you love heat, this massage may provide you with the best experience. During an 80-minute massage in Natick, our massage therapists will use heated natural stones in conjunction with traditional massage strokes to loosen the muscles and relieve tension.

4. Stress buster massage. The fastest of our massage options at 30 minutes, this express massage focuses on the upper body (back, shoulders, and neck) to quickly relieve tension. Plan a stress buster massage for your lunch break or after a particularly stressful day to stay limber and reduce the total effects of stress on the body.

5. Prenatal/pregnancy massage Pregnant women cannot undergo traditional massage techniques. Our certified massage therapists use specialized massage therapies to treat the pressure and discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy. Available in 60- and 90-minute increments, women in all stages of pregnancy can enjoy the healing effects of a professional massage in Natick.

6. Chair massage Great for relaxing between spa appointments, the chair massage focuses on the upper body for 15 minutes.

Each of our massage therapies is slightly different. Let us know if you need help finding the right massage therapy for your needs. We can make a recommendation based on your preferences, preexisting conditions, and the outcomes you wish to achieve. Learn more about each type of massage in Natick and our current pricing estimates.

Massage Natick and Similar Therapies

While many of our clients enjoy our traditional massage menu, others prefer our alternative therapy treatments. Enjoy a 30- or 60-minute foot reflexology session to experience full-body healing. This holistic treatment focuses on certain areas of the foot to impact corresponding areas of the body, and many people feel a significant difference after even one session.

If you have never heard of Marconic no-touch healing, ask our team about this new no-touch therapy option. We have a certified practitioner in house, Nubia Lonsdale, who uses energy to promote healing within the body. If a massage in Natick is too personal for your taste, Marconic no-touch healing, or even reiki might be a viable alternative.

Discover a Better Massage Natick Today

Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Consider a massage in Natick as part of a health-promoting lifestyle. You purchase organic foods, gym memberships, and personal training sessions to support your mental and physical health, and massage therapy is no different. A routine massage can profoundly impact how you feel from day to day.

At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, we pride ourselves on offering a full spectrum of services. Our clients can come to the salon for hair, nail, and makeup services and head to our spa rooms for massages, waxing, facials, and more. Stop wasting time bouncing around from location to location. We are a one-stop shop for your beauty and relaxation needs.

As a regionally and nationally acclaimed brand, we look forward to maintaining our reputation for excellence in service when you contact us to make an appointment. Give yourself the gift of relaxation with a professional massage. Natick area residents can reach our salon and spa at (508) 907-7171.

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Salon in Natick, MA - Our Reviews

Spa Testimonials

I got a great wax from Jaci!  She and everyone else there are quite professional and I appreciate that I did not have to wait.  They seemed very organized. I would definitely recommend this spa!

Lucie B.

I had the best mani/pedi ever by Donna at Jesamondo last week during their SalonAThon event to raise money for The Natick Service Council/Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Donna was  great! My foot & leg massage was SO relaxing that I nearly fell asleep. My nails looks amazing as well! Thank you Donna! I’ll be back for sure!

Sheila R.

Love this place! I’ve been going to Danielle for facials and waxing for years and I love how my skin looks and she does an amazing job with my eyebrows. I also see Nubia and Heather for my massages and they are amazing!  They were able to fix my sciatica which changed the quality of my life and I will forever be grateful to them for their amazing work and my renewed energy.

Rachel J.

Service was TOP NOTCH! Beautiful manicure by Donna. Gel lasted 2 weeks! I’ve gone to two other nail salons in Natick and my nails chipped within a week and were more expensive. I could have waited one more week to get filled if I wanted to, but since I was there waiting for my hair to process, they were able to fit my nails in too.  Scheduling was easy on-line again for pedicure next week to fit into my schedule.

Dawn M.

I had a marconics session with Nubia that was amazing! I had never even heard of Marconics until a friend suggested that I give it a try. Nubia gave me so much amazing insight. The salon is beautiful and the owner, Matt, is so friendly and helpful. It is evident that he really cares about both his clients and his staff. It’s wonderful to see an owner who is so appreciative of his clients. Keep up the good work, Matt and Jesamondo staff!

Meggety W.

I have been going to Danielle for waxing for 13 years!! She is amazing and I will never go to anyone else. The spa is so clean and so relaxing!

Kerri F.

Heather E. is an amazing massage therapist! One of my co-workers suggested I go to Jesamondo to hopefully get some help with the sore/tight muscles in my back. The first time I saw Heather, I felt fantastic. She paid attention my needs and suggested ways to help with my back pain. I decided to go back to see her a few weeks later and I now feel even better than I did the first time. I will definitely come back to see Heather E. again and again!!

Emily S.

I have been going to Danielle for waxing for 13 years!! She is amazing and I will never go to anyone else. The spa is so clean and so relaxing!

Kerri F.
Natick, MA