ombre-natickTransform your hair with ombré. Natick locals trust the team at Jesamondo Salon & Spa to give their hair dimension using this trend that has swept the nation. Beautiful ombré coloring typically fades from a dark shade at the root to a dramatically lighter shade at the ends of the hair. Our expert colorists know just how to achieve this alluring and popular look. Feel like a star when you make an appointment for ombré with our world-class colorists.

A Must-Have Look: Ombré Natick

Ombré hair has been around for years. In the past decade, it has gained popularity as more celebrities started playing with the look. Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many other stars have used the ombré style to create movement and light in their hair. Today, ombré in Natick is one of our most requested coloring services.

At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, we achieve the coveted ombré look using two primary methods. For styles including more extreme contrast from the roots to the ends, we use traditional foils to lighten the ends of the hair and apply bleach in a graduated manner. For subtle contrast or sombré styles, we frequently turn to the balayage hair painting technique. Using this method, our colorists paint sections of hair to create a more natural and subtle transition between colors. Both techniques allow us to achieve the graduated color-changing look that makes ombré in Natick so popular. Explore our hair coloring capabilities.

Choosing Your Colors for Ombré Natick

Color choice plays an important role in ombré hair coloring. The first color determines shade variations found throughout the color application. For example, natural-looking ombré in Natick often features a shade of brunette at the scalp. As the hair lightens toward the end of the hair, it will gradually shift to increasingly lighter shades of blond. For more adventurous color enthusiasts, the scalp may feature a deep violet while the ends fade to a light lavender. Black can fade to blue or gray and mermaid hair can fade to an assortment of pastels.

Occasionally, clients want a reverse of the traditional ombré in Natick. They start with a lighter color at the scalp and fade into a deeper color at the ends. If not undertaken with expert skill, the reverse effect can leave someone with stark lines and two-toned hair.

Regardless of the color you choose, an ombré effect can refresh your hairstyle without taking away length or shape. From subtle to dramatic and everything in between, your ombré hair will stand out for its eye-catching visual aesthetic.

Taking Care of Ombré Natick

Depending on the level of contrast in your color, an ombré style is often a low-maintenance color choice. While you may not have to worry about roots (if you started with your natural hair), you may have to worry about color fade and damage. Consider these tips to help maintain your ombré in Natick:

  • Use color-protecting products. A sulfate-free and color-protecting shampoo will extend the vibrancy of your color while protecting your dyed hair from damage. We offer a range of salon-exclusive products to keep hair looking and feeling great weeks after a color application. Ask about our Goldwell and Oribe brand color care line of shampoos, conditioners, and products.
  • Minimize heat exposure. A full blow dry and straightener or curling iron session every day can make colored hair brittle. Instead of relying on heated tools, look for alternatives. Embrace your natural waves, create waves with braids, and air dry your hair before styling to protect it from heat exposure. If you can make a blow dry and styling session last for a few days with dry shampoo, do it. Your hair will thank you later.
  • Protect your hair from sun and chlorine exposure. If you sport your ombré in Natick during the summer months, remember to wear a hat in the sun and rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water before jumping into a chlorinated pool. Sun and chlorine can damage, fade, and discolor dyed hair, leaving you with a less-than-stellar look.

These tips work well for all hair coloring services, not just ombré styles. What seems like no big deal today can turn into a tangled, frizzy, and faded mess in a few weeks without proper care. Take extra care early on to keep your dyed hair in top shape.

Your Source for Ombré Natick and More

At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, we pride ourselves on our expert colorists and their capabilities. Our colorists undergo continuing education to learn the latest styles and techniques in coloring and hair care. While coloring is one of the most popular services we provide, many of our clients also book appointments to enjoy our range of additional salon and spa services. Ombré in Natick is just the tip of the iceberg.

Schedule a massage, facial, or sunless tanning appointment to pamper your body and enjoy a deep state of relaxation. Work with our professional makeup artists to discover your next evolution in makeup application. Ask about our Marconics and Reiki energy healing services as an alternative relaxation therapy. While you are waiting for your ombré to process, consider stepping over to our nail room for a quick manicure or pedicure. The combinations of services and possibilities are endless.

If you cannot choose between our many services, consider a package gift card. Treat yourself to a combination of services ranging from a few hours to half a day. Our packages and custom-arranged appointments are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions. Treat yourself or a loved one to premier salon & spa services at our award-winning facility.

Ombré in Natick is a beautiful hair style that will remain popular for years to come. If you are in need of a color change or another service, remember Jesamondo Salon & Spa. We have been in the area since 1980, and we look forward to helping every client achieve high-quality color results.

Now is a great time to schedule an appointment for hair color and more. Give your hair a pick-me-up with a brilliant color change from one of our expert colorists. To learn more about ombré, Natick area residents can contact us at (508) 907-717.

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I got a great wax from Jaci!  She and everyone else there are quite professional and I appreciate that I did not have to wait.  They seemed very organized. I would definitely recommend this spa!

Lucie B.

I had the best mani/pedi ever by Donna at Jesamondo last week during their SalonAThon event to raise money for The Natick Service Council/Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Donna was  great! My foot & leg massage was SO relaxing that I nearly fell asleep. My nails looks amazing as well! Thank you Donna! I’ll be back for sure!

Sheila R.

Love this place! I’ve been going to Danielle for facials and waxing for years and I love how my skin looks and she does an amazing job with my eyebrows. I also see Nubia and Heather for my massages and they are amazing!  They were able to fix my sciatica which changed the quality of my life and I will forever be grateful to them for their amazing work and my renewed energy.

Rachel J.

Service was TOP NOTCH! Beautiful manicure by Donna. Gel lasted 2 weeks! I’ve gone to two other nail salons in Natick and my nails chipped within a week and were more expensive. I could have waited one more week to get filled if I wanted to, but since I was there waiting for my hair to process, they were able to fit my nails in too.  Scheduling was easy on-line again for pedicure next week to fit into my schedule.

Dawn M.

I had a marconics session with Nubia that was amazing! I had never even heard of Marconics until a friend suggested that I give it a try. Nubia gave me so much amazing insight. The salon is beautiful and the owner, Matt, is so friendly and helpful. It is evident that he really cares about both his clients and his staff. It’s wonderful to see an owner who is so appreciative of his clients. Keep up the good work, Matt and Jesamondo staff!

Meggety W.

I have been going to Danielle for waxing for 13 years!! She is amazing and I will never go to anyone else. The spa is so clean and so relaxing!

Kerri F.

Heather E. is an amazing massage therapist! One of my co-workers suggested I go to Jesamondo to hopefully get some help with the sore/tight muscles in my back. The first time I saw Heather, I felt fantastic. She paid attention my needs and suggested ways to help with my back pain. I decided to go back to see her a few weeks later and I now feel even better than I did the first time. I will definitely come back to see Heather E. again and again!!

Emily S.

I have been going to Danielle for waxing for 13 years!! She is amazing and I will never go to anyone else. The spa is so clean and so relaxing!

Kerri F.
Natick, MA